19 cats that have perfected their sleep and have reached the expert level

1. Call me Sleepy Sensei


The alarm clock rings and the first thing you think is: "5 more minutes


". Unfortunately they happen faster than we would like and the world does not wait for us to get up and get going.

Those of us who live with pets and are sleepers suffer these first moments of the morning with a half healthy envy and half hateful when we see that our furry friends can stay all day tossing and turning in his bed. Who was one of them!

And out of all the domestic animals, cats are one of the greatest experts in the ancient art of sleeping At leg loose. I do not know if it is because of their agility, because of their size or because they are so curious that they are not afraid to try new positions and places, but the truth is that cats are true masters at bedtime.

If you have doubts, look at these 19 images of cats sleeping in the most absurd ways you can imagine. What a dream!

2. Any object is liable to become a bed.

3. Nobody will come to bother me here.

4. It's okay, but I have to sleep with one eye open.

5. oh god


I think I'm reaching Nirvana


6. It is so soft and it is so comfortable


don't give me calls.

7. This is how we spend Sunday afternoons. And those of Monday, those of Tuesday



8. I think I'm getting dizzy, but it's worth it.

9. Don't you want to imitate me?

10. I got up to eat and got so tired that I had to stop for a moment.

11. Sorry, there is no room for anyone else.

12. If you sleep with someone else, the warmth is better distributed.

13. You have to try it


14. I was inspecting the house and




15. Being a cat is exhausting.

16. They say it's good for my back and I think they're right


17. Oh, the world is upside down. I better go back to sleep.

18. It's great for muscles, but not for beginners.

19. Shhh


Via Recreo Viral.

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