16 pictures of young children meeting their newborn siblings

There is a very special moment when a child realizes that his new status is that of "big brother ".

The arrival of a new member of the family is always a special moment that remains in everyone's memory, but for the little ones that arrival is even more special, since they have to assimilate that they are no longer the little ones of the house and assume a part of responsibility. But at the same time, an unbreakable bond is created that will last a lifetime, and that these photos have managed to capture.

Curiosity, uncertainty or joy are some of the many sensations that can be read on the faces of these children when they meet their new siblings, and that these photos have captured in a wonderful way. He is the older brother meeting his younger brother.

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  • Now he is the older brother

Now he is the older brother

The older brother must adapt to the new situation, and to a new role within the family. Parents have to facilitate the transition to this new status by explaining everything in detail, thus keeping curiosity satisfied and not giving rise to fear or possible jealousy.

Some tips to facilitate adaptation:

  • Give them special tasks so that they feel involved in caring for the baby, entertain or help them sleep, or even ask them for advice on what to do with it or how to dress it. In this way, you will feel integrated and responsible, and not displaced and neglected..

  • It is also important, since the mother has to feed the baby and that entails spending more time with him, that the father tries to compensate that time with the elders.

These photos have captured this complex moment in a wonderful way in which the boys and girls welcome their siblings, a very beautiful moment that is a life-long change and creates an unbreakable bond forever.

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Sources: babycenter.com, cepvi.com

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