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The characteristics of cats they rank them among the most popular pets. There are multiple benefits of adopting one, as these felines are full of qualities and virtues that make them good companions. Some people even believe that there are mystical qualities of cats, although we cannot be sure of this..

¿Are you able to list some peculiarities of your cat? In AnimalWised we have prepared this list with the qualities of cats most outstanding. ¡Discover them below!

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  1. How are cats?
  2. Qualities and virtues of cats
  3. Cats are neat
  4. They consider you part of their family
  5. Cats are independent
  6. Cats are clever and curious
  7. Cats are great hunters
  8. Cats have feelings too
  9. Cats are smart
  10. Remain alert
  11. Cats have night vision
  12. They are good tightrope walkers
  13. Cats are sociable
  14. They are easy to care for
  15. They have an extraordinary sense of hearing
  16. Cats are capable of dreaming
  17. They have a good sense of smell
  18. Qualities of cats according to their color
  19. Mystical qualities of cats
  20. Benefits of having a cat at home

How are cats?

Domestic cats (Felis silvestris catus) belong to a species of felines that have been part of human life since ancient times. Over time, different breeds have been developed as a result of crosses and genetic modifications, causing the appearance of coat varieties and sizes.

Although each cat develops a different personality according to its upbringing, there are some characteristics that they share. Among them, it is possible to mention its great independence, the agility they have to take great leaps and the development of the auditory and olfactory senses, as well as vision.

¿You want to know more about what cats are like? ¡Discover these 15 qualities of cats!

Qualities and virtues of cats

The benefits of having a cat at home go far beyond its pleasant company. Cats are animals full of virtues and qualities that can make living with them an experience. The qualities of the most outstanding cats and which we will talk about in detail in the following sections are:

  1. They are neat
  2. They are familiar
  3. They are independent
  4. They are clever and curious
  5. They are great hunters
  6. They are sentimental
  7. They are intelligent
  8. They are alerts
  9. They have excellent night vision
  10. They are good tightrope walkers
  11. They are sociable
  12. They are easy to care for
  13. They have a great sense of hearing
  14. They are dreamers
  15. They have a highly developed sense of smell

1. Cats are neat

Among the virtues of cats is that they are very neat. For him Daily bath They use their own language, as its roughness allows them to remove dirt. This is so due to the anatomy of the tongue, which has rows of cuticles that allow it to trap any type of dirt that is found between its mantle. Consultation "¿Why do cats have a rough tongue? "For more details.

In addition, cats are used to urinate and defecate in established places, like a litter box or the garden. If your feline begins to relieve himself in other places in the house, we recommend that you go to the vet to rule out diseases such as cystitis or stress.

2. They consider you part of their family

Many people consider cats to be unfriendly, but this only happens because they do not know their ways of showing affection. One of the peculiarities of cats is that rub their heads and bodies against people of home. In addition, they can take small bites, lick the hair or the face, among other behaviors. These are ways to identify your family members and show your affection, that is, ¡your cat loves you if he does all this to you!

3. Cats are independent

The character of cats is distinguished by being independent. They like have your own space and they hate being forced to do something they don't want.

This independence also allows them to enjoy the time they spend playing or exploring the house on their own. This does not mean, however, that you should leave it alone for a long time, since they require interaction to avoid behavior problems or stress. In this way, that cats are more independent animals than others does not mean that they are not affectionate or that they do not need to receive attention from us., ¡quite the opposite! As we have seen in the previous section, one of the qualities of cats is that they are familiar, so they always need to receive some attention from us. Of course, as we say, respecting its rhythm, time and space.

4. Cats are clever and curious

Curiosity goes hand in hand with feline dexterity. A curious cat tests his ability to sneak almost anywhere that you feel like. This, while fun, can be dangerous if you don't watch their movements. Find out how cats are able to get into such small spaces in this article: "Cat anatomy ".

Despite its great agility, do not allow it to climb too high or enter very narrow holes. Some cats are successful in these activities, but others have accidents. Although agility is one of the 15 qualities of cats, as a responsible caregiver you must ensure their safety.

5. Cats are great hunters

Many people consider that, among the benefits of having a cat, is its hunting nature. Even in the wild, many small animals prey and hunt for fun. Additionally, some house cats surprise their human caretakers by leaving hunted prey at their feet..

Although this hunt may seem cruel, you should never punish your cat for it, because it is a characteristic of cats that is impossible to eradicate because it is part of their instinct as a species. If you prefer to leave the animals in your home alone, provide them with eye-catching toys that make sounds and simulate hunting.

6. Cats have feelings too

It is not advisable to humanize pets and less to attribute feelings such as guilt or shame to them. However, both cats and dogs are able to express sadness, happiness or anger, among other emotions.

For example, before the death of another animal or the move of a relative, your cat may be melancholic for the first few days. Plus, he surely gets excited when he sees you make it to the end of the day. Reactions of this type demonstrate your ability to experience feelings.

7. Cats are smart

Among the qualities of domestic cats it is possible to add that they are intelligent animals. In addition to the behaviors they instinctively adopt, are able to learn through trial and error, which leads them to avoid certain situations when they relate them to a negative answer. In this sense, it is possible to educate a cat to teach it coexistence rules, orders, etc., always using positive reinforcement.

Likewise, cats have learned to communicate with humans through meowing, as they use other body signals, such as the position of the tail and ears, to send messages to their peers. Find out about the body language of cats in this complete article: "Body language of cats ".

8. Stay alert

A well-known characteristic of cats is how sleepy they are. They can dedicate up to 16 hours a day to this activity, alternating between deep dreams and naps. However, this is not why it should be thought that they are abstracted from what is happening around them. Thanks to their whiskers, known as vibrisas, perceive air vibrations around it. Through this mechanism, they detect the changes that occur while they sleep, such as those that occur when a person approaches.

9. Cats have night vision

One of the virtues of cats is their sharp night vision. The feline eye has three types of cones, which are capable of perceiving yellow, green and blue. Although they do not see the other shades, present a vision of 200 degrees, contrary to the 180 of the human being.

Also, feline vision is sharper at night, which is why the iris is so dilated in the dark. Through this mechanism they let in the tiniest rays of light present in the environment. Likewise, in the cat's eye there is a tissue called tapetum lucidum, which allows it to absorb light to improve vision at night..

10. They are good tightrope walkers

It is no secret to anyone that cats have an enviable ability to maintain balance, as they are capable of traversing high and narrow areas with the same elegance they would use on dry land. This ability is possible thanks to your inner ear, since it is covered with small hairs that allow you to synchronize your steps and, therefore, maintain balance.

11. Cats are sociable

In optimal conditions, with their own space and enough food, cats they can live with other felines or with animals of different species without any problem. They are able to interact well with other pets, enjoying games and rest times.

Similarly, once they have overcome the initial mistrust, they can get along with people who visit the home. Of course, to get to this point it is advisable to have socialized the puppy or adult cat if we have already adopted it with some years of age. Likewise, just because they are sociable does not mean that it is appropriate to introduce new animals all of a sudden. Cats are very susceptible to changes and, therefore, it is essential to introduce them gradually.

12. They are easy to care for

Thanks to the independence of the character of cats, they tend to be simpler animals to care for than others. This does not mean, however, that you should forget to provide quality food, adequate games and toys, as well as a space in the home and to keep track of a vaccination and deworming schedule..

In general, domestic cats, especially mongrels, are in good health. However, this does not replace the annual veterinary visit, or the office visit when you notice a change in behavior in your feline companion..

13. They have an extraordinary sense of hearing

Cats have a sense of hearing more developed than the human being. The ear of a healthy and young person is capable of picking up frequencies up to 20 KHz, while cats pick up between 48 KHz and 85 KHz.

¿Does your cat suddenly raise its head and stare at nothing? I may hear a sound that you cannot notice.

14. Cats are capable of dreaming

Another of the peculiarities of cats is their ability to dream while they sleep. This has been proven because experience REM phase (Rapid Eye Movement), in which there is a movement of the eyes that can be seen through the eyelids.

15. They have a good sense of smell

The last of these 15 qualities of cats is their good sense of smell. While there is not much information about their nose, they are known to have them around 200 million odor sensitive cells, which allows them to capture all kinds of aromas. This amount is considerable when compared to the smell of humans, since we only have 5 million olfactory cells.

In addition to these, there are other qualities of domestic cats, we detail them below.

Qualities of cats according to their color

¿Did you know that it is possible to attribute some qualities, virtues and characteristics to cats according to the color of their fur? ¡So is! These are the qualities of cats according to their color:

  • Tricolor, calico or tortoiseshell cats are usually female, since they can present X chromosomes for black and orange colors at the same time, while in most males this mixture is not possible.
  • Two-colored cats tend to be more independent.
  • Orange cats, especially if they are males, are very affectionate and adore the same.
  • Male calicoes are usually sterile.
  • Most black cats have a shy but loving personality.
  • The white color of the coat is not linked to the sex of the cat, it can appear in males and females.

Mystical qualities of cats

Some people consider that there are mystical qualities of cats, virtues or characteristics that could be esoteric in nature. In the same way, since ancient times they have been attributed some magical powers, such as the ability to protect houses, cause bad luck, detect spirits or the ability to absorb negative energies. Nevertheless, none of these features has been verified through scientific studies that support them. For this reason, it is not possible to affirm that there are paranormal qualities of cats..

Benefits of having a cat at home

After reviewing the different qualities of cats, there are many benefits that these animals offer. Thus, when adopting a cat we will enjoy a very familiar, affectionate but independent animal, very clean, with a great intelligence that allows it to learn very quickly. Of course, it is very important to keep in mind that for all this to happen and the animal to live happily by our side, we must commit ourselves to guaranteeing that all its needs are covered and to give it all our love..

The benefits of having a cat at home will only apply if the animal is really happy and this only depends on us.

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