14 wolves completely change Yellowstone park

Fourteen of these magnificent animals were introduced to Yellowstone Park. With the arrival of the wolves everything changed. Not only for the fact of having new inhabitants, but for much more.

The inclusion of this species in the park it affected all the others that lived in these mountains. It may seem exaggerated, but by the simple fact of having a new predator, all of nature began to change.

Not only did it affect hunting, prey animals and other predators, but all living things adapted to the new chain. Yellowstone's vegetation, grasses, and trees changed too. The wolves have improved everything in their path.

They have generated life and made nature perpetuate. These wolves have lowered the number of herbivorous animals, which has made new species of plants have been able to grow and that others have multiplied.

In turn, all this has made several species of birds have returned to the park as well. We are not aware of what the loss of endangered species means, but only with this example we can get an idea. We have to start taking better care of our planet and its inhabitants. To all of them, without exception.

Source: Whys of Nature

Summary Article Name Wolves change everything in Yellowstone Description These animals once again populated Yellowstone Park in the United States, changing everything in their path. Now it is simply amazing. Author Ana Hache Publisher Name La Nube de Algodón Publisher Logo

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