12 animal sounds you should know

The Animal sounds they can be very curious and different from each other. In fact, within the same species you can find that some animals vary in tone, intensity and even type of sound.

Surely when you were little you learned to make the sounds of farm animals.

It seems to be something we all learn as children, and we even venture to do wild animal sounds.

But there are still animal sounds you can't even imagine. For example, How does an aligator and a koala?

We have prepared a very curious list of 12 animals that will surprise you, and a lot, by the way they are all these animals communicate.

Even being as big and powerful as a rhino, its sound is disconcerting..

Nature has been working successfully for millions of years whether we like certain things or not. These 12 examples are the perfect opportunity to score points by playing trivia or to amaze your brother-in-law at the table.

Pay close attention because you have the skills you have imitating these sounds may cost you a bit.

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First of all, you should know that the name owl refers to the birds of the Strigidae family, of the order of the strigiformes or nocturnal birds of prey..

These differ from owls, among other things they have raised feathers that look like ears, but their ears are actually on the side of the head, to the sides of the eyes.

Similarly, owls have a yellow or orange coloration in the iris.

But what is really impressive is the sound owls make, and we leave you this video so that you can see for yourself:


The alligator, or crocodile, is one of the animals whose phonetics are curious.

For example, the baby crocodile, still crouched inside the egg, makes sounds that allows you to notify your mother  that is about to hatch.

In fact, it is believed that have more than 20 sounds they use to communicate with their species. Learn more about its sounds in this video:


Rhinos are pachyderms that they can measure up to 5 meters in length, they are very corpulent.

Another of their characteristics is that they have very thick and rigid bare skin of gray or brown color..

It is also characterized by having short, robust legs with three toes, an elongated head, a short tail, and one or two large curved horns in the midline of the nose..

As well they emit a very interesting sound that you surely do not expect:


If one fact is impressive about the goat, it is the fact that it is one of the oldest domesticated mammals..

The goats were domesticated around the eighth millennium a.C, thanks to its milk and meat.

And if this information seems interesting to you, wait you see the next video:


Over the koala sounds there is much to know.

For example, you may not imagine it but these little animals that have cute aspects, have a quite powerful roar.

In this regard, the sound can be described as a low tone, but of high quality. The best thing is that you check it out for yourself:

Baby seal

About the seals there are many curiosities, for example, the fact that its echolocation can be used to detect objects as small as 3 inches at incredible distances.

And if that sounds amazing to you, wait until you see this video:

Sea urchin

Hedgehogs are small mammals, their most notable feature is that they are covered with spikes.

Another curious fact about hedgehogs is that there are 16 species divided into five genera.

What's more the wide range of sounds they emit to communicate is another of the shocking data. Listen in this video how they communicate:


Perhaps these data that we are going to share about the armadillo are unknown to you.

Armadillo births occur in four young, and all are always of the same sex, they are also genetically identical, since they are born from the same egg.

As if this were not enough, there are also curious facts about the sound that they emit, see for yourself in the following video:

I raised

The moose is a mammal that has 4 chambers in its stomach, and has a somewhat complicated process to digest food.

It belongs to the deer family and is mostly found in the forests of Asia and Europe.

Do you know the sound that this type of mammal makes?

Find out in this video:

Frog ‘Desert rain ’

Have you ever heard a frog croak like a rubber duck?

This has no more presentation, among the most curious sounding animals this is one of the most surprising


You will think that because of the tough appearance of cheetahs the sound they emit is something like a roar.

However, it is more of a purr, but judge better by your own ears:


The fox is one of the strangest sound-emitting animals, if you walk in the woods when evening has fallen, you will probably freak out if you hear them.

It is a high-pitched bark that is very unpleasant. Listen to it in this video:

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