10 types of haircut for a yorkshire terrier

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Yorkshire terriers are dogs with very versatile and fast-growing hair, for this reason they are an excellent option if you are passionate about caring for a dog's coat. In this AnimalWised article you will find 10 types of haircut for a Yorkshire Terrier, in this way, when you go to the dog groomer, your range of options will multiply.

Read on to look at the different haircuts and choose one for your dog. ¿what are you waiting to try them?

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  1. Puppy cut
  2. Westy cut
  3. Schnauzer cut
  4. Pekingese cut
  5. Water dog cut
  6. Other haircuts

Puppy cut

The puppy cut It is a very popular haircut option, especially for small and long-coated dogs. The puppy cut focuses on trimming the ends of the hair and leaving a maximum of 3 centimeters in length, uniform.

Indeed, this type of cut reminds us of a small Yorkshire puppy, offers a sweet appearance and reduces the possibility of tangles..

Westy cut

The Westy cut It is effectively a reminder of the kind of classic cut that the West Highland White Terrier sports. It is quite reminiscent of the previous cut, although in this case the body hair is very short and even shaved. Meanwhile, eyebrows and beard are trimmed just enough and necessary to visually lengthen ears and muzzle.

Schnauzer cut

As in the previous case, the schnauzer cut simulates the cut of the classic schnauzer. It consists of letting the coat of the legs grow in a rounded shape as well as that of the face while the body is quite shaved. It is essential to pay attention to a beard and long eyebrows to achieve this style.

Pekingese cut

The pekingese cut It is yet another cut that focuses on imitating the physiology of another breed, in this case that of the Pekingese dog. To achieve this, it will be enough to let the dog's hair grow to a medium size and pay attention to simulating the long and drooping ears of the Pekingese. Finally we must shave the legs a little.

Water dog cut

The water dog cut it is easy to achieve and maintain. It consists of achieving an effect similar to that of the Spanish water dog and for this it will be enough to let the hair grow to a short-medium size and not straighten it with combs or any utensil. It should appear curly and uncontrollably while the size should be uniform over most of the body..

Other haircuts

If your thing is not the puppy cut or imitating other breeds of dogs, you can cut your dog's hair yourself and be inspired by the following cuts that we show you below.

Remember that the best hairstyle is the one with which your dog feels comfortable, with which he does not stop doing his daily activities or they can harm the hygiene of his body.

¿Do you want to help us? Share the photo of your yorkshire terrier so that other users can be inspired and offer a unique look to their pet. Come and join the AnimalWised community.

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