10 cutest dog breeds in the world

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Although the character of dogs depends largely on their genetics and hormones, it is true that education plays a very important role when our dogs develop one personality or another. This is the concern of many caregivers when adopting a dog, because they do not know which breed is ideal for them and they wonder if it will have a good temperament at home..

That is why in this AnimalWised article we will talk about 10 cutest dog breeds in the world so you can learn more about some of them in terms of their origins, characteristics and personality.

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  1. Pomeranian
  2. Shar pei
  3. Maltese bichon
  4. Cavalier King Charles spaniel
  5. Chow chow
  6. Samoyed
  7. Beagle
  8. Boxer
  9. Basset hound
  10. Border collie
  11. Other breeds of cute dogs

1. Pomeranian

This breed, also known as lPomeranian ulu or German dwarf spitz, It has its origin in the Pomerania region, north of Germany and Poland. At first, these dogs weighed more than 10 kilograms, however, their size was considerably reduced when they reached European kennels, reaching a maximum weight of 3 kilograms..

At present, it retains some characteristics that protect it from the cold, it is the case of its abundant fur. It consists of two layers of hair, a denser internal one and a longer and less soft external one. In addition to its characteristic mane and small size, it has a small, triangular head similar to that of a fox. For all this, it is considered one of the most tender dogs in the world.

As for the character of the Pomeranian, it is an animal independent and territorial although usually very cheerful and funny. Has a lot of energy and tends to socialize well with human companions.

2. Shar pei

It is of Asian origin, as the data suggest that it was one of the first dog breeds to appear in the South China Sea. At first, the Shar Pei was used in hunting activities, herding, as a fighting dog, guardian of properties or even served as food. However, over the years, this breed has spread to other parts of the world such as the United States, where it now plays the role as a companion animal..

It is known for its peculiar wrinkled skin, especially in the head area, which has led to eye and skin problems throughout history. It is also characterized by its short tail and its small dark eyes, usually hidden among the wrinkles of the face. Although it is very common to see these dogs with cream brown colorations, it is true that there are many other shades for this medium-sized breed (gray, black, whitish, orange…).

It is the perfect dog to have at home since, in addition to being calm and intelligent, he is usually very affectionate and good with his family. This does not mean that we always have to be on top of him, since, despite needing affection like everyone else, he is also a very independent breed.

For all its qualities, the Shar Pei is another of the most tender dogs that exist, and it is that, ¿who can resist that adorable little face?

3. Maltese Bichon

The origin of this breed is not clear today, since, despite the beliefs that point to the Island of Malta, it is true that other hypotheses place it in the region of Italy. Later, it spread to other parts of the world where it served as a companion animal.

The Maltese is characterized by its white coat and abundant amount of straight hair that sometimes covers part of its eyes. It is a small animal, normally not exceeding 3 and a half kilograms in weight. This breed usually participates in canine beauty contests, precisely because it is a tender, adorable and very beautiful dog..

The Maltese is the perfect companion because it has a good temperament, is quite sociable and does not need long daily walks. In addition, it has a cheerful and very friendly character.

4. Cavalier King Charles spaniel

It has its origin in England, where it arose from the crossing of other breeds such as the Japanese water dogs and the Pekingese dogs. It is said that his name "Charles " refers to Carlos ll, as this dog was a great friend and a member of the king's entourage. Since then, it has served as a good companion animal..

The Cavalier King Charles spaniel is known for its small size, not exceeding 8 kilograms in weight. It has a certain resemblance to the cocker spaniel breed, as it has some long, hairy, floppy ears that give it a really cute and adorable appearance. It has long, smooth and fine hair, being able to adopt different colors combined with white (brown, black, orange, etc.). It should be noted the importance of caring for and maintaining your hair so that it always looks healthy..

It is mainly a dog balanced and very active. However, it is also characterized by its nobility, affection and sociability with all kinds of people. All this and much more makes it ideal to have at home, without forgetting the importance of your walks and daily care.

5. Chow chow

Although all the dogs described here are adorable, if we think of cute dogs, without a doubt, one of the first that comes to mind is the chow chow. This breed, whose name means "soft and fluffy lion ”, Has its origin in China. It is known that the chow chow served as a guard dog, hunting dog, herding dog or even as a food in the past. It is one of the oldest dog breeds and today it has spread around the world as a faithful pet..

Regarding its characteristics, it is medium in size, normally weighing around 30 kilograms. Other aspects that differentiate it are its abundant mane, that resembles him to a lion, his short ears and his blue tongue. The latter, despite the different hypotheses that exist, has a genetic origin.

Unlike the dog breeds mentioned above, the chow chow is a very calm and not very energetic. This does not mean that it is a happy, faithful and sociable dog with adults and children. Due to its origins, it has a protective instinct, which makes it ideal to have as a best friend at home..

6. Samoyed

Its name refers to its origins in the Samoyeds of Russia, where it served as a hunting, grazing and even sledding animal due to its strong musculature. In addition, its abundant fur made it ideal to protect itself in those cold places..

The Samoyed is characterized by its good proportions, presenting a very elegant appearance. It has spectacular long hair that can be divided into two layers: the outer, somewhat thicker and rougher, and the inner, softer and woolly. It has erect, small and triangular ears along with small, round, dark-colored eyes, usually. In general, it has a face that makes you look happy most of the time, this is why he is such a cute and adorable dog.

It has a good temperament, as it is a breed very sociable that he needs the warmth of everyone around him. That is why he generally gets along very well with all kinds of animals and people, whether they are children or adults. However, like any pet, it needs a good education from puppyhood.

7. Beagle

This breed of English origin was originally used by humans to hunt other animals, although today it continues to participate in this activity carried out by many hunters. It was not until the year 1870 in the United States of America when the beagle began to be adopted also as a companion animal.

It is known for its long floppy ears, its short limbs and its tricolor coat that usually combines brown, white and black. As adults, they are small-medium in size and can weigh around 20 or 25 kilograms..

Regarding its character, the beagle is a dog kind and obedient. However, following his hunting instincts, he is also very active and independent. For this reason, it is essential to educate him properly, provide him with the necessary exercise and give him his space on certain occasions. Without a doubt, both due to its physical appearance and its personality, it is one of the cutest dogs in the world..

8. Boxer

With his good-natured expression and noble gaze, the boxer could not be missing from the list of cuddly dogs. The boxer appeared in Munich (Germany), where it served as a hunting animal like many other breeds of dog. In addition, he participated in other activities such as carrying couriers and bodies wounded in World War II..

It is characterized by its flattened face or brachiocephalic similar to that of a bulldog, as the boxer dog arose from a cross between it and the brabant bullenbeisser. At present, it is a breed of medium-large size, and can usually reach 40 kilograms in weight. In addition, it has strong musculature and usually presents varied colorations together with a short and soft coat..

The boxer dog stands out for its nobility, sympathy, fidelity and protective instinct. However, it needs a lot of attention, since it loves to run and play with its humans. It is necessary to offer him great walks and places where he can vent.

9. Basset hound

The basset hound, whose origins are believed to lie in St. Hubert's dog, appeared in France, where it was used for hunting from the outset. However, with the passage of time, it spread to other countries such as the United Kingdom where it began to breed..

As for his appearance, his drooping eyelids and his concealed wrinkles on his face make him adopt a sad look, which has nothing to do with reality. It is also known for its large drooping ears, its elongated body, and its short limbs that offer it short stature. However, it can weigh between 30 and 40 kilograms, since it is a medium-sized breed.

It is ideal to have it at home since, although its face reflects the opposite, it is a dog very happy and playful. His hunting instincts make him a dog very active, so it will demand a lot of attention and affection from yours. For all its characteristics, no one can deny that the basset hound is one of the cutest dogs in the world..

10. Border collie

The origins of the border collie are not very clear, although the data that exist today suggest that this breed could appear and develop between Great Britain and Ireland, later spreading to other parts of the world.

They are characterized by their agile physique And, although it is not a large dog and usually weighs less than 25 kilograms, it has strong muscles as well as light. It can adopt different colors, but the best known is black-white or gray-white. Normally, they have short hair but with greater length in certain parts of the body such as the tail, the back of the limbs or the ears. The latter tend to adopt upright positions, although there are also cases in which they are somewhat down. The eyes of the border collie are also characteristic, because despite the fact that the vast majority are of dark tones, it is true that many specimens have them bluish or one eye of each color.

In addition to being one of the most tender dogs in the world for its loyalty and affection to its human companions, it is also considered one of the most intelligent dog breeds that exist. This is mainly due to its great ability and speed to learn orders. For this reason, you should not forget to give them a good education from a young age and adequate physical activity, as they are also very active animals that need to play and run constantly..

Other breeds of cute dogs

In addition to the most tender dog breeds in the world already described, there are many more that may interest you:

  • Whippet
  • Cocker spaniel
  • Golden retriever
  • Labrador retriever
  • Pyrenean Mastiff
  • Saint Bernard
  • Poodle or poodle
  • Spanish water dog
  • Spanish Mastiff
  • Pug or pug

And of course, we cannot forget about mongrel dogs, since it is among them where we can find more cute dogs due to the diversity, both physical and personality, that exists.

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