10 most beautiful dog breeds

The most beautiful dogs are those who meet a standard within the classification that corresponds to each breed.

There are breeds of dogs they are very attractive to look at, impose their presence just by looking at them, likewise there are other dogs that are attractive for their personality and intelligence beyond its physical beauty.

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  • Among the ten most beautiful dog breeds are the following
      • 1. Siberian Husky
      • 2. Collie
      • 3. Scottish Terrier
      • 4. The Dalmatian
      • 5. Doberman
      • 6. Pit Bull
      • 7. Belgian German Shepherd
      • 8. Cocker Spaniel
      • 9. Golden Retriever
      • 10. Labrador Retriever

Among the ten most beautiful dog breeds are the following

1. Siberian Husky

The Siberian Husky is a large dog, very resistant to climatic changes, as a preference its habitat is in cold places or with snow, and according to it the length of its coat will be determined.

This race It has two layers of hair, very dense, which is short or very short and can be reddish, blonde, strong or light brown, gray, white and black.

The black and white coat colors are more frequent in the females of this breed. The male of this breed It can weigh 20.5-28 kg and measure 53.5-60 cm. With a longevity of approximately 10 to 12 years.

They have the particularity of having a life expectancy or longevity longer than males, corresponding from 12 to 14 years.

2. Collie

The Collie It is a specimen that can be found in the high mountains of Scotland, in which they have their habitat. From its origin it is not possible to specify where they come from exactly due to the antiquity of the breed, but it is believed that it dates from the 6th century BC..

It's a sheepdog, one of the best specimens for grazing, then its coat was less long than the current one, as well as less showy.

The collie Today it is a mix between collie with Irish Setter and Borzoi, which gave the breed the current characteristics of the Collie what do we know.

The male of this specimen weighs between 14 to 20 kg and reaches the Collie long-haired 56-66 cm and the Border collie 48-56 cm. It has a longevity of the longest that exist among dogs, such as 10 to 17 years of life.

3. Scottish Terrier

Its original name was Aberdeen terrier for the decade of the 18th century, but its standard was in the year 1890. To these dogs later they were called Scottish Terrier or Scotties, initially they were used to hunt for badgers in the Scottish mountains.

They have a very strong tail to help them when they have to pull it out of a burrow..

One of its attributes that draws attention to the eye is the length of its muzzle if we compare it with the size of its face..

The characteristic silhouette of the Scotties occurs when you are focused or alert, with a position that causes your chest to move forward and the tail to be stretched up.

It is a dog with a determined and very agile character., Territorial and faithful to their master, affectionate but at the same time very capricious, so that training despite being very intelligent can become somewhat difficult.

The colors in which we can get this beautiful specimen are black, wheat and variegated and measures of 25.4 to 28 cm and a weight of 8.6-10.4 kg. It has a longevity of 11 to 13 years.

4. The Dalmatian

The Dalmatians have always attracted attention for their white fur with its beautiful black spots or brown that appear as they grow, the spots take a year to fully appear.

It has a high predisposition to deafness and they are the only uricotelic mammals. According to the history of this canine specimen it can be said that era used as a watchdog.

It is also mentioned in the history of the Dalmatian like a companion dog to the nomads of Dalmatia. Today it can be found as a firefighter dog, as well as a companion or pet..

His character is balanced and enthusiastic, friendly, affectionate and with an unequaled energy. The male of this race can weigh from 15 to 32 kg, (The female is little less).

5. Doberman

The Doberman was known as Thuringer Pinscher or Polizeilicher Soldatenhund (Police Soldier dog) until the year 1900 where it began to be called Doberman Pinscher for being the name of its creator.

Later he was only recognized as Doberman, name by which it is currently known.

Is a dog that imposes its presence by its size and musculature, which despite being slender is well defined.

Its shiny and short coat gives it a unique beauty to look at, in addition to its appearance. has a friendly and protective character with its owner and members of his family.

You need a lot of exercise to keep your temperament balanced and a large space of its own for medium to large breed dogs.

6. Pit Bull

The Pit Bull is the result of crossing between Bulldog and Terriers, combining the aggressiveness of the latter with the force of the Bulldog.

Are dogs that their presence imposes fear, they are very strong with a large head and large jaw with unsurpassed strength.

They are determined and brave, they were used for fights or combat, as well as for the major hunt. They are very beautiful dogs because their short fur and their muscles and strength make them steal glances as they go..

You have to be a responsible caretaker or owner with this breed because if you don't educate yourself on time you can.

Becoming an unpredictable dog.

7. Belgian German Shepherd

Its name originates from the Belgian City of Malina, Where was he born. Is a Shepherd dog par excellence as its name indicates, work and field, likewise it is a watchdog, vigilant and always alert.

Is a dog very smart it possesses great affinity for its owner and family members including children. It has a beautiful coat with a coat of black, black and tan, black with silver, black and tan, sable and gray.

The combination of its coat with the skills it possesses and its intelligence make it a specimen of great beauty that deserves to be among the most beautiful groups of dogs in the world..

8. Cocker Spaniel

Its origin is centered on England. Is a very beautiful dog and excellent companion dog, It has a cheerful and well-balanced temperament, its most distinctive characteristic is the size of its ears and its shape, which is long and lobular. His muzzle is square.

The shape of their eyes is round giving a cute appearance to the dog, being these of light or dark brown color. There is a breed standard that allows a white spot on the chest.

The coat can be one or more colors, smooth and silky. It has a life expectancy of 12 to 15 years, a long longevity to enjoy your company for many years.

9. Golden Retriever

Also known as Golden retriever. It is a young breed whose origins take us back to the year 1850. The mixes of breeds used to obtain this specimen are unknown, but they gave it unique abilities for which it is recognized..

It is a very intuitive and intelligent dog that in its beginnings It was used as a retriever, hound, hunting and tracking dog, the latter being the most used today since it can be seen among disaster rescue members as a great ally when it comes to getting people.

Is a dog that inspires confidence and in turn provides its owner protection, affection, company, is always willing to help for what is used as a guide dog and in canine therapies to patients with various ailments and diseases.

The color of her hair is any shade of gold or cream. Its coat is smooth or wavy, it has an internal layer of hair that makes it waterproof due to its density..

10. Labrador Retriever

The farmer it is originally from Newfoundland (Canada), is a dog that has exceptional intelligence, kindness, kindness, which is why it is associated with its presence to a guide dog, a rescue dog and a police dog.

It has a great obedience so it is capable of being trained with great ease and amazing results. Their fur is black, yellow or chocolate. Males of this breed weigh 29-36 kg and measure 57-62 cm at the withers (females are slightly smaller).

Summary Article Name 10 Most Beautiful Dog Breeds Description The most beautiful dogs are those that meet a standard within the classification that corresponds to each breed. Discover the 10 most beautiful breeds. Author Natalia

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