10 long-haired dogs

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Dogs with long hair are perfect for those who love brushing, grooming and generally love grooming. For that reason, at AnimalWised we will offer you a total of 10 breeds of long-haired dogs that you will surely love them.

Although the long-haired dogs that are the most successful on the Internet are white, in this top 10 we will also offer you images of dogs with a lot of hair and a great variety of tones. Read on and find out what these 10 large, medium and small long-haired dogs are.

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  1. Bearded collie
  2. Afghan greyhound
  3. Yorkshire terrier
  4. Maltese bichon
  5. Shih Tzu
  6. Lhasa apso
  7. Havanese bichon
  8. Komondor
  9. Skye terrier
  10. Long haired chinese crested

1. Bearded Collie

The bearded collie is a medium-sized shepherd-type dog, originally from Scotland and possessing a soft and long mantle very pleasant to the touch. Is very smart and active, perfect for hikers or people who live in a rural environment. It is a little-known dog that is usually confused with the Bobtail or Old English Shepherd, a dog with very similar physical characteristics..

2. Afghan greyhound

If we think of large long-haired dogs, without a doubt, one of the first that comes to mind is this. The Afghan greyhound is a dog of unmatched beauty and its fur is extremely long and smooth. You will need daily care dedicated exclusively to the maintenance of the coat, which you can learn about in our article on Afghan greyhound hair care..

It is an intelligent, proud, independent and protective dog. If we are thinking of adopting a dog with these characteristics, we must be very clear that it is a dog that requires a responsible owner and used to training canine. In addition, it does not tolerate hair pulling at all, so if there are children in the home, we must educate them to treat them correctly and respectfully..

3. Yorkshire terrier

The Yorkshire Terrier is undoubtedly one of the quintessential small long-haired dogs and one of the most popular of all times. It stands out for the easy handling that allows its hair, straight and long, and to which we can make countless hairstyles. For inspiration, do not hesitate to visit 10 hairstyles for a yorkshire terrier.

It is a dog with personality but very affectionate and dedicated to his closest relatives. Loves to be treated gently and is very accepting of being brushed, combed, and bathed.

4. Maltese Bichon

¡Another of the best-known small-haired dog breeds! The Maltese Bichon stands out for its spotless white cloak which has made her tremendously popular in different beauty pageants around the world. It is a very happy, fun and active dog, who loves to spend time playing with people and other animals..

He is a somewhat delicate dog, so we will feed him with high quality feed and we will use shampoos and products of natural origin that cannot harm him. This will help us prevent the appearance of possible allergies.

5. Shih tzu

This dog of Chinese origin, the shih tzu, stands out for its wonderful character. He is usually very playful, affectionate, intelligent and sociable, which makes him perfect for all types of families and environments. The shih tzu was formerly considered a sacred animal. His mantle extremely long it is perfect for those who love to do hairstyles to their dogs.

6. Lhasa apso

The lhasa apso is a small-sized dog that has its origins in Tibet, where it was a guard dog of tibetan monasteries. Despite its small size, this dog effectively alerted the monks. It has an alert, intelligent and independent character, it is not a lap dog. Has long silky smooth hair.

7. Havanese Bichon

The havanese is a dog active, happy, social and playful, but also very intelligent, so you will need an active family that proposes different intelligence games that provide you with mental stimulation. It is a tremendously fun dog, appropriate for families with slightly older children. We must not forget that the Havanese is a small dog and can be damaged by children's games.

They tend to be handled without any problem, and these dogs love brushing and all the care we can offer them. He is really sociable and loving. So, if you are looking for a breed of dog with a lot of hair and a small size, ¡this is ideal!

8. Komondor

The komondor is a very popular dog around the world for dreadlocks features that make this breed unique. It is a large, territorial, protective and really brave sheepdog. But on the other hand, it is also an extremely intelligent and obedient dog that we can actively educate, since it will respond wonderfully to our instructions. Socialization in this breed is essential to prevent unwanted behaviors.

9. Skye terrier

The skye terrier It is of Scottish origin and although it was one of Queen Victoria's favorite dogs at the time, it is little known today. They are usually "single owner" dogs, although well socialized they can be affectionate and sociable with all kinds of people. They are independent and shy dogs that fit in with small families and with a sedentary style. It will be important to dedicate time and care to the coat of this dog.

10. Long Haired Chinese Crested

Of the two varieties of chinese crested, the one with long hair It is undoubtedly the chosen one to end this list. Unlike its congener that does not have hair, this type of crested has a double dense coat in the form of an extremely soft veil. They are sensitive and intelligent dogs, loyal, alert and somewhat fearful. Developing good socialization will be very important to prevent future fear-related behavior problems.

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