10 photos that show that goats don't care about the law of gravity

Each animal has different qualities, And the truth is that practically all of them tend to leave us speechless no matter how much we have gotten used to them.

The adventures in the sky of birds, the flexibility and reflection of cats, the architectural prowess of spiders,


And it is that we humans would like to have some of these qualities that avoid the odd accident.

Today we want to talk to you about another quality, but this time, about the dexterity that goats have. Because, in addition to the goats that we are used to seeing on farms, there are many species that live in the wild in the mountains and they are afraid of many things, but of course height is not one of them.

It is actually a defense mechanism they use to flee from their predators. They go to inaccessible places where they defy the law of gravity, but at least they are safe before the felines that stalk them.

These goats are capable of jumping up 4 meters high in one go, and they can climb walls practically vertical. This is achieved thanks to their hooves, since their fingers are widely separated and in this way they can grip the surface well. In addition, the hard soles provide stability avoiding slipping.

Few animals as large as these goats are capable of stay on these types of surfaces with so much balance, much less walk on them without any impediment. It's amazing!

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