10 mistakes you make when doing laundry

House chores we may like them more or less, but the truth is that we have no choice but to do them. Times have changed so that we are less and less at home, and therefore we have less time available. Thus, Any trick that helps us achieve good results in a short time is always well received..

We all do the laundry, but it turns out that not all of us do it well. And it is that if we are not careful with certain details, our clothes can easily get damaged.

Today we bring you a video from the YouTube channel Hacking Life in which they teach us 10 mistakes we usually make when doing laundry, and what leads to a deterioration of our garments.

Putting too much clothes in the washing machine, or using too much detergent, are some of the things to avoid. In the following video you can see these and other tricks so that your laundry is always perfect. Do not miss it!

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