10 curiosities of the border collie

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The border collie It is probably one of the most popular dogs today. Their multiple qualities make them extremely multipurpose, They stand out for their character, intelligence, loyalty and predisposition for training among others. They are also considered excellent sheepdogs. In fact, the popularity of border collie dogs began when the Queen Victoria of United Kingdom adopted several border collie dogs, thus associating this breed with royalty.

In this AnimalWised article we will show you 10 curiosities of the border collie that, sure, will surprise you. Whether you are an experienced owner, a lover of the breed or a simple curious person, in this article you will find 10 curious facts about border collie dogs that you will love to discover.

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1. The border collie is the most intelligent dog in the world

You've surely heard this statement sometime, however, ¿Why do they say that the border collie is the smartest dog? It's all due to the famous psychologist Stanley coren, author of 1994's The Intelligence of Dogs, which lists the world's most intelligent dog breeds. This book is a worldwide reference for millions of people who want to adopt a dog.

The world ranking of canine intelligence is based on three points:

  • Instinctive intelligence
  • Adaptive intelligence
  • Work intelligence and obedience

The most intelligent races can associate and develop an order with less than 5 reps and, generally, they always obey the first request, something simply incredible. After various studies, Stanley Coren found that the border collie was the most intelligent dog in the world. If you want to know more about the ranking, do not hesitate to consult our list of the most intelligent dogs according to Stanley Coren.

Chaser's case is probably the most amazing, this border collie is able to identify and interact with 1,022 different toys. Here's a video about her:

2. Border Collies need a lot of exercise

The border collie is a dog especially active. Not providing enough walks and / or physical exercise can lead to the appearance of various behavioral problems, such as destructiveness, hyperactivity, anxiety and even excessive vocalization.

The ideal is to offer you around four daily walks in which we will combine walking, exercise, socialization and encourage sniffing behavior. All this will directly influence the welfare of the animal. Likewise, we must not forget the mental stimulation through obedience, dog skills and games.

3. The history of the border collie is very old

Although we do not know the true origins of the border collie, we do know that it is a very old breed. In fact, it developed in the British Isles between the 5th century BC and the 1st century BC. Thus, it receives its name from the native tribes of at that time.

The word "collie " means "useful " in Gaelic, suggesting that the border collie was used to perform certain functions, most likely herding. On the other hand, the term "border " comes from "Borders ", that is, "border ", specifically from the border between England and Scotland dating from the seventeenth century.

However, the border collie dog breed was not internationally recognized by The Kennel Club and the Fédération Cynologique Internationale until 1976.

4. The border collie is an excellent herding dog

As we have already told you in the introduction, the border collie dog has many qualities, among them the herding ability, in which it stands out as breed number 1. Working as a shepherd dog was one of the first functions that dogs received, thanks to this animal no longer attacking the herd, it guided, watched, and controlled him just as much as the human.

While it has a natural instinct to guide, herding is a technique that must be worked through education and training, so you should never let a border collie herd if they are inexperienced, as it could harm the animals of the herd unintentionally.

5. The border collie as a guard dog

At AnimalWised we are not in favor of the use of animals as tools or objects, however, it was worth highlighting the active and alert character of Border Collies, which makes them fantastic watchdogs. But make no mistake, we are not talking about attack and defense, but about the will they have when it comes to patrolling and notify their guardians in the presence of strangers.

6. The Border Collie is commonly confused with the Australian Shepherd.

Since the Border Collie and Australian Shepherd are herding dogs with a great physical resemblance, no wonder they are often confused. We must know that the Border Collie is a direct ancestor of the Australian Shepherd, however, we can differentiate them by the ears, which are usually erect or semi-erect in the case of the border collie. Likewise, the Australian Shepherd does not have such a variety of colors.

Discover more fully the differences between a Border Collie and an Australian Shepherd.

7. The border collie can have one eye of each color

The heterochromia it is a genetic difference that dogs, cats and even people can experience. This causes the color of the eyes to be different and it is a hereditary phenomenon. The border collie dog can show complete heterochromia, that is,, one blue eye and one brown, although you can also experience albinism, in the form of white spots around the eyes.

Image: sacl.naturalforum.net

8. The colors of the border collie's coat are unique

The border collie can have bicolor, tricolor, merlé, white, black, gray coat ... But not only that, this breed can develop short hair or long hair, plus multiple colors. Likewise, it shows a very dense undercoat layer It allows you to maintain your temperature in the coldest climates. But for both types of border collie the variety of colors is immense. Although the most desired are the blue merle and the tricolor border collie, all of them stand out for having great beauty.

9. The border collie is a very faithful dog

This may seem obvious, since all dogs are faithful, however, the border collie dog breed has the distinction of being extremely faithful to their caregivers. He is faithful to his guardians because he empathically understands what they may feel, so he will quickly return the love that his owners can give him. Nevertheless, can be reserved and shy around strangers .

10. The border collie is the perfect dog for children

This characteristic is derived from the previous one: the border collie is very faithful and very intelligent, making it ideal for children. In addition, it is a obedient, organized and tireless dog . Attention, it is perfect for children energetic and not sedentary who do not move too much. The border collie is ideal for children who have time.

Then we leave you with the video of the race, published on our YouTube channel:

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