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We all know that dogs love to play, to pet them, eat all day, sleep and run on the beach. However, dogs do have some preferences and behaviors that they enjoy doing that humans do not yet know about and that are very special doggy style..

Dogs have multiple activities that make them happy and that they enjoy doing them. In them everything is a matter of instincts, nature and social preferences. Therefore, if you have a dog at home and want to delve deeper into the canine world, continue reading this new AnimalWised article, where we will tell you 10 things dogs love and how sure until now you did not know.

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1. Receive your attentions

Dogs are animals very sociable and with a wide range of emotions. They love feeling loved, valued, and receiving regular attention from you. That has a direct impact on your emotional well-being. Remember that you have friends and family, but they only have you.

Therefore, it is not strange that they try to get your attention during the day with games and licks..

2. A good diet

A good diet affects a good state of health, so it is essential that you offer your dog a complete, quality food and to your liking. In addition, using tasty treats during training or giving an occasional can of pate or a homemade recipe can be a way to show your dog how much you love him..

He will feel dearer and love these little gifts..

3. Get new toys

Dogs are especially playful animals, some even into their old age. A new toy every now and then will do you tremendously. happy and will help you keep your mind stimulated.

We recommend you bet on intelligence toys or food vending toys, but really anyone will like it if you play the game with him.

4. Socialize

In their puppy stage, dogs need to socialize with other animals, people and environments to avoid fear and behavior problems. However, many people do not realize that they must keep socializing to their dogs in their adulthood.

It is important that you can relate to other living beings that do not belong to the family nucleus, so we recommend you go from time to time to the Park or invite people to your house, this way your dog can interact and socialize.

5. Make the bed

Like people, dogs are big comfort lovers. It is not strange that you see that he lays down with obvious displays of affection when you change the clothes of his bed or when you allow him to climb on the sofa.

Especially adult and elderly dogs need comfortable places to rest and sleep, this will prevent the appearance of calluses and physical discomfort.

6. Exercise

Have you ever seen a dog swim? It is a scene that fills any animal lover with joy, because you can clearly see how they enjoy it.

Dogs need regular exercise to keep your muscles fit. Because some have not correctly associated water, going swimming will not always be possible, so there are other canine sports that you can practice with it, such as running, looking for the ball or Agility.

7. Music

The dogs, no doubt, they love music, It stimulates them on an emotional and sensory level, and to the surprise of many people, our favorite pets have very fine ears. Classical music calms dogs, heavy metal agitates them, but generally their favorite is vocal music.

Especially if your dog is going to spend a few hours alone at home or if he is afraid of firecrackers and storms, music can be a good tool when it comes to reassure them. Test it!

8. Receive mental stimulation

Many people say that dogs love to do tasks and work. That is only half true. Dogs need mental stimulation to exercise your mind, This is why they usually like to practice obedience or canine skills if in return they receive displays of affection and a tasty prize. It also helps them to strengthen our bond with us.

Other ways to stimulate your dog's mind can be through the use of intelligence toys, regular practice of advanced education exercises or an exercise as simple as sowing, which encourages them to search.

9. Travel

Dogs do not like to stay at home, they like to feel included and that you take them everywhere, so traveling is another thing that dogs love. They they will accompany you to any place without distinction.

Dogs are not aware that they are dogs, they feel that they are part of the family, just like any other human being ..., and they are absolutely right! Show how much you love him by taking a route through the mountains or taking him with you to a dog beach on a weekly basis.

10. Sleeping with you

This is one of the things they love the most. Sleeping next to your human companion is the best moment of the day. Letting him spend the night with you in your bed makes him feel like part of your family, since dogs, when they live in packs, sleep together to take advantage of the heat.

That does not mean that you let him sleep in your bed if you do not want to, but the most important thing is that you do not isolate him by closing the door of your room or leaving him in the garden alone. A balanced solution is, at least, to let your dog be in the same room where you are..

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